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Our 2016 Digging Season dates are Monday 4th July to Friday 23rd September 2016 at Newbarns.

We would like to make people aware that the excavation at Newbarns is not waterlogged nor is "it is not just a pile of stones" and we have had university students, locals and holidaymakers coming on site to assist in our archaeology this season. We have had a complaint from a supposed digger who arrived and was here for 2 days but did not dig. He has said things that are not true and we would appreciate it if those who have excavated with us before, on any of our sites,  could give us some feedback on their experiences over the years.

Introduction to Newbarns


Visitors are extremely welcome! 

Visit our Photoblog on our News Page or watch or introductory video to the left for more information.

The Gang

The Gang

We are a small unit set up to excavate archaeological sites in Galloway. Since 1991 we have been concentrating on excavating the southern Bailey and associated defence's of Buittle Castle. This excavation has now closed, and we are currently working on the excavation of motte at Ingleston and Neolithic sites at Newbarns. For further details about any of the excavations please contact us at the address below.



Please note : Visitors are welcome at Newbarns, but Ingleston is closed to the public due to its location.

The Site is just west of Drumburn - Newbarns North is between the loch and the road to Newbarns House, while Newbarns South is just on the left hand side when you turn off the A710 to Newbarns. See the Map below for our location


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If you zoom in on the map, you can see the South Cairn very clearly in the field to the South East of Newbarns Loch

Parking is in the same field as the South Cairn.  As soon as you turn on to the estate road open the Gate on the left and drive in - shutting it after you.

Any cheques sent to us should be made payable to:  'Stewartry Archaeological Trust'